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Lumine Group preserves the legacy of your business and continues serving the best interests of your customers and employees.

Lumine Group is a cash acquirer using internal funding sources. This means that once we reach alignment on valuation, and the deal structure and key terms are formalized in a Letter Of Intent (LOI), there is a high probability of close within a 2-3 month timeframe. We are able to close quickly as we have in-house legal, HR, finance, IT, & data security due-diligence experts dedicated to Lumine Group transactions.

As a perpetual owner of businesses, Lumine Group works to strengthen your business for the future. Lumine acts as your permanent partner and makes long-term investments into the business for sustained growth. We generally maintain businesses as independent entities, ensuring they continue to operate with the same team, culture, and business name that you and your stakeholders know and respect. If your desire is to remain with the business, we work with you to realize your personal and professional goals within our group.

The Lumine Group ecosystem is constantly evolving. Lumine Group provides access to over 1000 customers, as well as access to capital for organic and inorganic growth. Lumine also provides access to a global ecosystem of tax, currency & payroll services across 4 continents. Plus, the best practices learned from 25 years of acquiring and growing software businesses, gathered in the Lumine Group Playbook.