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Life with Lumine

We are committed to building a community of inclusivity, innovation and inspiration.


Our Culture

At Lumine, we’re all about illuminating potential. Our purpose is to shine a light on our employees – to empower them with opportunities to grow and feel motivated by seeing their direct impact to the collective goal. We empower our employees by integrating them into Lumine Group’s playbook and providing them with an upwardly mobile career path.

Our Values

  • Respect

    Every team member offers different contributions and strengths. We are grateful for our diverse experiences and know that makes us stronger.

  • Integrity

    We are honest and stay true to our moral principles. Our deliberate decision-making approach allows us to make best choices for our employees and the business and stand by them.

  • Curiosity

    We empower employees to ask questions and encourage a growth mindset amongst our teams.

  • Humility

    No egos. We value authenticity, self-awareness and encourage an environment where it is okay to heed the call for help when required.

Our People

Our people are our power. We are proud of the exceptional team members behind Lumine. Meet some of the team below.

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