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Reflecting on 2020.
Looking towards 2021.


In 2021, we are looking forward to new possibilities.

After a year of unprecedented challenges, we reflect on the learnings that have made us stronger and more agile.

We enter 2021 feeling motivated by a future filled with innovations and opportunities that will drive value for the communications and media industry, Lumine businesses, customers, and employees.

In a period where we are physically distant,
we are more connected than ever.

The future is bright.


Lumine Group Comes to Light

In October 2020, Volaris Group announced Lumine Group, a new brand for its Communications & Media Portfolio. Lumine Group is a leading global acquirer of communications and media software businesses. Learn more about our mission below.

2020 Acquisitions

In 2020, we acquired four businesses across four countries –– the United Kingdom, Portugal, Israel, and Sweden. Each business brings a new group of incredible people, a new bank of knowledge, and an ecosystem of customers and partners within the communications and media industry. Learn more about these companies below.


Emerging Communications & Media Trends to Watch in 2021

Lumine Group President David Nyland shares his view on three emerging industry trends crucial to future developments within the communications and media space.


“The ecosystem of customers that Lumine brings provides an opportunity to grow in a consistent way. If someone looking to be acquired values what they have now and they want to evolve, the Lumine approach empowers that.”

– Pedro Quintas, Founder & CEO, Collab


Building a Global Connected World

We are proud of the range of initiatives Lumine companies launched to best serve customers and employees during the coronavirus pandemic. Discover content and initiatives from Lumine businesses that supported community and connectivity during COVID-19.

Lumine Ecosystem

The Lumine ecosystem offers unique opportunities that empower organizations to succeed, forever. Discover incredible achievements from Lumine businesses that will continue to inspire and drive positive change within the industry.

Growth of Lumine Leaders

Portrait of Jonas Svensson

Jonas Svensson, Group Leader

Jonas is a 10-year veteran of Netadmin Systems where he progressed from Project Manager, to VP of Professional Services, to VP Operations, to COO, to CEO. In November, Jonas Svensson was promoted to Group Leader at Lumine Group, overseeing Netadmin Systems, Avance Metering, Tarantula and Symbrio.

Portrait of Elliot Yunger

Elliot Yunger, VP Business Development

Elliot Yunger celebrates six years with Lumine Group and Constellation Software Inc. He plays a critical role in growing Lumine. In his new role, he will continue to leverage his expertise to connect businesses looking for their new chapter with Lumine.


Learn More

We look forward to a new year full of exciting opportunity. If you have any questions about Lumine Group, please get in touch.


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