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The Future is Bright.

Lumine Group links you to a global ecosystem of partners, customers and complementary companies within the communications and media industry.

Accelerating Growth

Lumine offers communications and media software companies the ability to grow, retain independence and focus on the needs of customers and employees.

Our Portfolio

Lumine Group is home to one of the world’s largest communications and media software portfolios. As part of Lumine Group, you unlock access to an ecosystem of customers, like-minded leaders, and best practices.

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What We Offer

Lumine takes root from the word illuminate, demonstrating our mission to illuminate the potential of software businesses. Learn more about what makes Lumine unique.

Grow your business globally.

Unlock access to 1000+ customers and partners, plus an international ecosystem of legal entities and operating infrastructure.

Limitless career opportunities.

Lumine is people focused. We encourage you and your team’s continuous learning and provide access to a network of peers to optimize career growth potential.

Access to capital.

We provide capital to grow your business through M&A, market expansion, and product innovation.

Experience & speed to close.

With best practices learned from the success of hundreds of acquisitions, Lumine’s in-house M&A team ensures the most efficient acquisition experience.

We never sell your business.

As buy-and-hold forever acquirers, Lumine invests in the long-term, sustainable success of your business.

The Lumine Ecosystem

Unlock access to the Lumine ecosystem, serving over 1000+ customers globally, and accelerate organic growth and global expansion.

Global Scale

Lumine has a worldwide presence, with offices in over 30 countries significant presence in many geographies around the world.

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The Lumine Group Playbook

Learning from every acquisition, we’ve gathered best practices around acquiring, strengthening, and growing software businesses.





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